Probate and Trust Administration

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Probate is a court-supervised process that requires the assistance of a Florida attorney. In some circumstances, it a short summary proceeding that can be completed in a few weeks, and sometimes it is complex and takes many months or even a year or more to complete. Our experienced attorneys can advise you of the most efficient way to get through the probate process.

We often handle Florida probates for persons that resided outside of Florida at their death, where, typically, the only asset in Florida is a second home. We strive to handle such matters as efficiently as possible to effectuate the client’s goal of clearing the title to the property.

Many estates pass under the terms of a revocable trust. In such cases, there may or may not be a probate administration; nevertheless, the administration of the trust is required. We often represent the successor trustee to complete the initial post-death administration of the trust and distribute assets of the trust to beneficiaries.

A trustee is held to the high standards of a fiduciary, and any failure to properly perform the duties of the successor trustee can result in personal liability for the trustee, to restore the assets of the trust. We guide and assist successor trustees in the performance of their duties.

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