Real Estate Closing and Title Insurance

For many people, their home is their largest asset. So, it is remarkable how casually many homeowners approach the sale or purchase of a home. We say this because, in Florida, most fail to obtain legal representation concerning the transaction. They typically rely on a non-lawyer title company or real estate agent to advise them.

Those persons are actually prohibited by law from giving legal advice. They do not have the knowledge or experience of an attorney, and they do not owe you the duties that an attorney owes to their client. Often problems come up that could have been avoided if an attorney was involved.

Thornton Law Firm
Thornton Law Firm

Often an attorney must be engaged at additional expense to address the problem, Our experienced real estate attorneys are prepared to represent you from contract through closing, often for a competitive fee that is little if any more than you pay when proceeding without an attorney.

We also handle complex commercial real estate transactions, real estate financing, leasing, landlord-tenant matters, land use, zoning, and environmental matters. We have a Florida Board Certified Tax Attorney that can assist you with complex real estate related tax planning.